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Bryce Churchill

Rock ‘n’ Roll Whores – Early 70’s UK Glam Mix

Rock ‘n’ Roll Whores – Early 70’s UK Glam Mix

On July 6th, 1972, David Bowie appeared on the Top of the Pops in the UK. Looking into the television camera, dressed as an androgynous space alien he referred to as Ziggy Stardust, Bowie sang “Starman” to the citizens of Earth… and rock ‘n’ roll has never been the same. For a brief period of a few years, the glam craze swept Britain. Rebellious teens replaced their jeans and plaid shirts with bold makeup, glitter, and metallic stretch pants. But more importantly, an alternative to the working class culture appeared which gave the kids the keys to becoming a rock ‘n’ roll god themselves. New artists appeared, early pioneers like Marc Bolan skyrocketed, and the genre of glam was born… What would you do for Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Track listing:

00:00 – T. Rex: Cosmic Dancer
04:26 – Mud: Crazy
07:36 – Suzi Quatro: Primitive Love
11:37 – Sparks: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
14:25 – Slade: Coz I Love You
17:38 – David Bowie: Sweet Head (Take 4)
22:26 – Be Bop Deluxe: Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus
26:14 – Mick Ronson: Only After Dark
29:42 – Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
33:11 – Fox: Imagine Me Imagine You
36:46 – Lou Reed: Vicious
39:39 – Mick Ronson: Stone Love (Soul Love)
43:02 – Roxy Music: Editions of You
46:50 – Brian Eno: Blank Frank
50:21 – David Bowie: Moonage Daydream (New Mix)
55:04 – Suzi Quatro: Devil Gate Drive
58:48 – Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
1:02:46 – Gary Glitter: I Didn’t Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock’n’Roll
1:06:07 – T. Rex: Bang A Gong (Get It On)
1:10:30 – David Bowie: Alternative Candidate

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