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Bryce Churchill


Rock ‘n’ Roll Whores – Early 70’s UK Glam Mix

On July 6th, 1972, David Bowie appeared on the Top of the Pops in the UK. Looking into the television camera, dressed as an androgynous space alien he referred to as Ziggy Stardust, Bowie sang “Starman” to the citizens of Earth… and rock ‘n’ roll has never been the same. For a brief period of a few years, the glam craze swept Britain. Rebellious teens replaced their jeans and plaid shirts with bold makeup, glitter, and metallic stretch pants. But more importantly, an alternative to the working class culture appeared which gave the kids the keys to becoming a rock ‘n’ roll god themselves. New artists appeared, early pioneers like Marc Bolan skyrocketed, and the genre of glam was born… What would you do for Rock ‘n’ Roll?

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Juxtapose – Downtempo DJ Mix

Inspired by a special DJ appearance for an underground NYC fashion showcase with Sefirah Fierce Designs, Cecil Grey guides us through a dreamlike excursion through hidden alleyways where dusky speakeasies, red velvet bordellos, and eccentric carnival performers stealthily stalk beneath the shadows. This seductive chill out mix is pure sound noire. Cover photo by House of Inoue.

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Brooklyn Nights – Tech House DJ Mix

The inner city nightlife overflows into the dark fissures of NYC’s underground quarter. Cross the waters that divide, to dimly lit streets that weave an industrial gridwork throughout Gotham’s historical breeding ground of cutting-edge music. Cecil Grey’s throbbing Tech House rhythms echo the heartbeat of the city’s sensual secrets, as sophisticated electro-melodies blend into a unique cultural tapestry.

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Teenage Anxiety – Breakbeat/Electro House DJ Mix

The perfect soundtrack for a long hot makeout session in the back seat of your parents’ Oldsmobile… This podcast episode is a mix of Breakbeat bootyshakers and bouncey Electro House numbers that will instantly pull you into the hormone-charged party vibe. So ditch class with that cutey from fifth period, hide out behind the bleachers, and turn it up loud until your braces get stuck together. Cecil Grey is currently resident DJ at the monthly Vitamin B events in Brooklyn.

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The Time Is Now – Electro House DJ Mix

Cecil Grey brings out the hottest, bangin’est, rump-thumpin’est Electro House tracks of 2008 for this solid one hour DJ mix that will put your booty in a trance. Go ahead. Connect the speaker wires to your ignition chamber… fire up those bass-booster rockets… and set the controls for the Moon, as we count down to INTERGALACTIC DANCE-TIME!!! 3… 2… 1…

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Winter Solstice 2005 – Downtempo Psychedelic Mix

An eclectic downtempo psychedelic mix by Bryce Churchill for the Winter Solstice, 2005. The journey traverses through meditative spheres spanning between psychedelic rock, world music, and electronica. Featuring songs by Popol Vuh, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, Boards of Canada, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Bobby Beausoleil’s “Lucifer Rising” soundtrack, The Rolling Stones, and others.

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