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Bryce Churchill

Hymns To The Star Goddess, Vol. I – Electronica DJ Mix

Hymns To The Star Goddess, Vol. I – Electronica DJ Mix

A devotional compilation of alluring electronica, perfect for a night out under the stars with your lover. Deep rhythms slowly stir delicate melodies from their hidden resting places, suddenly ascending upwards like ancient prayers into the Heavens. Hold in silent reverence, the mysteries of the Universe. Listen and wonder…

Track listing:

00:00:00 – Jega: Inertia
00:05:40 – Plaid: Rakimou
00:11:38 – Coil: The Dreamer Is Still Asleep
00:21:05 – Arovane: Theme
00:24:29 – Lilienthal: Sugar
00:29:32 – Thought Universe: Untitled (Mask 300)
00:33:31 – Sexkult: Lunar Phaser
00:40:58 – Bola: Aguilla
00:47:05 – Bjork: All Is Full of… (In Love With Funkstorung Mix)
00:52:05 – Boards of Canada: Everything You Do Is A Balloon
00:58:54 – Pan American: Code
01:05:21 – David Sylvian vs. Autechre: Shadowland (mashup by Mind Over Midi)
01:09:27 – Andrea Parker: Going Nowhere
01:14:48 – Plaid: Sincetta

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