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Bryce Churchill


The Hobbit – Interactive Mobile Campaign

With UK-based entertainment agency Think Jam, I created an HTML5 interactive mobile ad campaign for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies using the Google DoubleClick advertising platform. The ads targeted mobile devices via web and in-app placements, and allowed users to watch the embedded movie trailer, download mobile wallpapers, and search for local showtimes via Fandango’s zip code search API.

Hemophilia Village Photo Wall

With Juice Pharma agency in New York, I created a Flash Air (ActionScript 3) desktop app that pulled a live photo feed from the on-site photographer at their event to display attendees green-screened into popular vacation spots. The incentive was to let people suffering from hemophilia (a genetic disorder blood can’t clot properly, causing uncontrollable bleeding) know that they can live healthy active lives.

JWT Groupee Twitter Aggregator Display

Groupee was a mobile app developed by J. Walter Thomas advertising agency for a convention they hosted in NYC. I built a Flash Air (ActionScript 3) desktop app that aggregated hundreds of attendees’ Twitter profiles, and displayed them in different categories on LCD screens throughout the event. The app dynamically parsed XML from a server API, which fed it data and photo urls of their profile pics. The project won an award from the One Show 2012 Winners One Show Interactive. An extra bonus was that the band Journey (yes, Journey) played an unplugged set at the event directly next to the displays.

Mohegan Sun Interactive Kiosk

For a project with UK outdoor advertising agency Grand Visual and assisted by Taxi, I created an touchscreen kiosk for the Connecticut hotel, resort, and entertainment venue, Mohegan Sun. The Flash Air app had to run on a Mac Mini running Windows (via vendor specs) that was installed in bus shelter kiosks throughout Boston, MA. The app would load several different modules at random that included: a memory game, a statistically weighted sweepstakes reward (daily maximums depending on number of interactions), trivia game, and hotel promotional messaging. The user could enter their name and email to collect their prize or enter to win, which was be saved to a local database. The app had extensive asynchronous features, along with timers in case the user ended the interaction, and involved a very tight development deadline and syncing QA cycles with a team in the UK.

F-Sharp Music AdPlayer (Flash Version)

F-Sharp is a digital music advertising agency who works with partners like Spotify, SoundCloud, Shazam, and Pandora. They needed a Flash Player version of their HTML5 advertising platform that allows advertisers to include branded music playlists in Facebook ad banners that users can play and share. The app had several modes that were initiated via a JSON object, and loaded/parsed dynamic playlists. Several layers of Flash security issues had to be resolved, as the app was being loaded from their servers, embedded in a users Facebook timeline, and loaded song files from a separate server. The app also had to be wrapped in HTML using strict Facebook Open Graph protocol.