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Bryce Churchill


Pursuing my vision of creating dynamic and compelling art through light and sound, I graduated from the UCLA Extensions Multimedia program in 1997 and have specialized in created motion graphics for high-profile projects in many diverse fields. My background in photography, fine art, and music, allows me to develop seamless integration of different disciplines into a singular work that feels natural and organic. I’m fluent in programs like After Effects, Trapcode Suite, Premiere, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Final Cut, SpeedGrade, and various audio post-production tools.

Commercial Work

I’ve worked in the entertainment and communication arts field for nearly 20 years, collaborating on motion graphics projects with Electronic Arts, NBCUniversal, Eyewax Films, Intel, AT&T, Macromedia, and many others. I’ve also contributed work for non-profit organizations concerned with education and cancer research. I am available on a contract basis for both short and long-term projects.

Interactive Projects

Where motion graphics and technology meet, I have designed and developed software applications for interactive kiosks, mobile tablets, and games. I’ve coded using object-oriented model-view-controller frameworks in ActionScript and HTML5/Javascript, and APIs from Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Music Videos

Combining my passion for music and art, I enjoy creating innovative pieces that take the viewer on a journey into uncharted territory using symbols, motion, and sound. More than just a marketing tool or entertainment outlet, I believe that music videos are a modern form of poetry. They can express emotions and abstract ideas from the artist that are difficult to evoke through other mediums. Our original story is reawakened, through flickering shadows, song, and storytelling near the fire.