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Bryce Churchill

Mixing & Remixes

Remix Credits:


Silver Ghost Shimmer is vocalist Pinky Turzo & producer/engineer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Fields of the Nephilim, Fad Gadget, Swans, Love and Rockets, and others.) “Soft Landing” is off the 2015 album of the same name. Sexkult‘s (NYC producer Bryce Churchill) remix strips the original down to the vocals, and adds 808 trap beats, smooth sub-bass licks, dark analog Witch House strings, and an aura of ghostly ambience. Mastered by Audible Oddities.


For Nezzy Idy‘s single, Nova, Alchemical Disco (Bryce Churchill & Ayesha Adamo) created an Indie Dance / Tech House remix that would be perfect to dance to on a beach in Ibiza right after sundown with a full moon. The track is driven by a classic-sounding bass hook, and builds with a tasteful uplifting mid-90’s acid arpeggio that crescendos into blissed-out analog heaven. The remix reached #41 on Beatport’s Top 100 Indie Dance / Nu Disco chart.


For Alchemical Disco‘s debut single, Lucius von Wahnfried (Bryce Churchill) remixed their cover of the classic Blondie song, “Atomic.” The remix was aimed towards the big room / festival set, with anthemic string pads and marching 4/4 beat. The single peaked at #20 in the Music Week UK Pop Commercial Top 30 Chart, and reached #23 on Beatport’s Top 100 Releases in Electro House.


This remix submission was for Depeche Mode‘s single for “Peace,” from the 2009 album Sounds of the Universe. Sexkult (Bryce Churchill) remixed the song’s stems before hearing the original, which brings a whole new slant on the uplifting track. Dub-style delays and a bump’n’grind downtempo beat made from live-recorded hand drums lay the groundwork for the vocal samples from Dave Gahan and the band. The vocals in the breakdown are processed through a modular and ring modulated with live shortwave radio noise.


Sub Swara creates, constructs, produces and plays genre-bending bass music that parallels the diversity of their home town of Brooklyn, NY. Sexkult (Bryce Churchill) reconstructs the track “Yeah” from their 2008 album Coup d’Yah into a breakbeat workout. Unreleased.

Mixing/Engineering Credits:

I offer stem mixing for artists and labels. Here are a few highlights from the recent and past:

  • Alchemical Disco: Atomic single — Producer, engineer, mixing.
  • Ayesha Adamo: Midnight Elite single (2015) — Stem mixing, post production (original, and remixes). The single reached #16 in the Beatport Electronica chart, #29 in Deep House, and #77 in Techno.
  • Nezzy Idy: “Nova” original mix (2015) — Assistant mixing engineer.
  • Fama Fraternitatis: “American Dreaming” (2014) — Engineer, mixing.
  • Sexkult: The Utmost In album (2004) — Engineer, mixing.