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Bryce Churchill


Producer Credits

After being in several bands, writing my own music, and learning my way around a recording studio over the years, I discovered that I was very good at developing other artists and bringing out the best in them. A real producer ads more of the artist into a song, and not the producer’s signature sound. They serve as a catalyst for creativity and inner work in the people they work with. The other half of the equation is knowing how to get the most out of the limitations (time, budget, equipment) of the studio environment, and creating a cohesive package. My favorite music producers include: Tony Visconti, Brian Eno, John Fryer, Trentemøller, Mike Hedges, Jimmy Page, Giorgio Moroder, Ken Thomas, Timbaland, Mike Chapman & Nicky Chinn, and Martin Hannett.

Solo Works

It starts with a melody, or a lyric, or a rhythm… These are the various outlets for my creative projects. I prefer to release some music under aliases, as I’m constantly coming up with new ideas in radically diverse genres. This has allowed me to explore areas that many musicians are afraid to enter. I’ve studied and recorded songs inspired by classical music, rock’n’roll, experimental, world, electronica, dance music, and music from spiritual traditions. I find that the cross-pollination of different musical disciplines can synthesize into entirely new futures in music.


VITRIOL Studios is a professional project studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Featuring much of the same classic audio equipment that can be found in major studios around the world, I provide a unique method of soundcrafting that captures the warmth and character of vintage analog gear, while maintaining the precision and quality that modern technology affords. My skills and experience are the perfect match for the singer/songwriter, solo artist, DJ/electronic artist, or aspiring band looking to take their idea to the next level.

Mixing & Remixing

Record, remix, repeat. I strive to combine the best of digital and analog mixing techniques to bring out the hidden personality in a song. I’ve done remixing for artists in multiple genres, and specialize in bringing a totally new direction to the original. No matter how awesome a track is, I believe there is always a way to push it 10-20% further in the mixing phase.

DIY Gear Projects

An experimental log of various audio experiments and original instruments in my Brooklyn recording facility. I’ve made guitar pedals, modular analog synths, mic preamps, tube equalizers, an analog drum machine, guitar amps, a summing mixer, electric guitars, and a handful of various items. Some are one-of-a-kind pieces that offer unique sounds that are available nowhere else.


I started DJing in 1998 as a way to share some of the more obscure music I had discovered while collecting records. Over the years, I’ve made a growing number of mixtapes for friends and events. Some of these are serious studies in musical anthropology, while others are just what I was listening to at the time. I hope that these inspire you, and please support the artists by buying their music, attending their live shows, or just spreading the word.