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Bryce Churchill

Earth’s First Blood – A Dark Ambient Mix

Deep within the proto-atmosphere of a planet shrouded in ash and snow, primitive life forms stir forth from the silence. Scales and exoskeletons rattle in chorus, emerging from their aeons of slumber. The awakening is approaching. The silent caverns echo a language of tectonic plates exhaling the buried secrets of their primordial wars. Featuring tracks by Coil, Lustmord, Mick Harris, Brian Eno, Main, 23 Skidoo, and Cecil Grey (Bryce Churchill.)

Track listing:

00:00:00 – Brian Eno, The Lost Day
00:07:24 – Lustmord, Heresy pt. 1
00:13:05 – Lull, Lonely Shelter
00:28:27 – Main, Firmament XXI
00:32:26 – Harris/Plotkin, Momentum
00:42:40 – Main, Maser pt. 3
00:46:09 – Hot Pipes, Track 1
00:47:35 – Tactile vs. Coil, Recurrence & Intervention
00:53:00 – Plotkin, Neuro (Reversed Mix)
00:59:02 – 23 Skidoo, G-2 Contemplation
01:02:59 – Coil, Stoned Circular pt. I
01:07:16 – Cecil Grey, Acid Cliffs

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