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Bryce Churchill

Brooklyn Nights – Tech House DJ Mix

Brooklyn Nights – Tech House DJ Mix

The inner city nightlife overflows into the dark fissures of NYC’s underground quarter. Cross the waters that divide, to dimly lit streets that weave an industrial gridwork throughout Gotham’s historical breeding ground of cutting-edge music. Cecil Grey’s throbbing Tech House rhythms echo the heartbeat of the city’s sensual secrets, as sophisticated electro-melodies blend into a unique cultural tapestry.

Track listing:

00:00 – Dirt Crew: Manoeuvres (Motorcitysoul Remix)
06:54 – Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes: F12 (Go Dub! Remix)
11:58 – Dahlbäck, Diaz, & Young Rebels: Morphine (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Remix)
17:34 – James Priestly & Dan Berkson: Chariots (Motorcitysoul Remix)
25:05 – Steve Lawler: Femme Fatale
31:55 – Mac Neumann: Calypso
33:59 – Sei A & Milton Jackson: Clicks
40:04 – Jamie Jones vs. Simon Baker: Kaskazi
47:03 – Tiger Stripes: Survivor
51:53 – Ben Delay: Inner Circle (Ben’s Madfish Remix)
58:36 – Mogul & Zenker: Diamond Back (Oliver Koletzki Remix)

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