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Bryce Churchill


Album Covers

While the distribution of music has shifted from CDs to digital downloads (and now even back to vinyl), one thing that has remained is the artwork that represents the intangible collection of waveforms inside. I tend to gravitate towards simple, stark, ideas that will stand out amongst the hordes of other releases coming out each week. The cover is a visual preview of the mood and style of the work, and is often the first impression that the artist creates with the listener.


Before I discovered music and film, I was into drawing and painting from a young age. My interests were mainly surrealism and neoclassicism, specializing in portraits. Most of these pieces are from high school and college while I was pursuing a fine arts degree, although I still enjoy the meditative process of making art when time permits.

Graphic Design

Still images, print covers, flyers, art direction for photoshoots, rebranding projects, and web sites… I’ve contributed graphic design and art direction for companies such as Electronic Arts, NBCUniversal, Intel, Joe Boxer, Microsoft, and Levi’s. I am inspired by the methods that allow both text and images to communicate a message clearly, establishing a vocabulary of symbol and color.


Borrowing my father’s 35mm SLR film camera in the early 90’s, I began experimenting with different films (high-speed, infrared, etc) and processing methods (mostly monochromatic), and capturing the world around me in the way that I saw it. I’ve been fortunate to travel a bit, and I try to share with the viewer the moods and feelings that different places give me.